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Katy Mills

Katy, TX Family Dentist

Lovett Dental wants to be your family dentist in Katy. Our office is conveniently located at 1998 Katy Mills Blvd, just minutes away from 1-10, Katy Mills Mall and Typhoon Texas and we provide the most comprehensive list of dental services in Katy.

Our friendly staff realizes that most people do not look forward to going to the dentist. Dental phobia (odontophobia) is a real thing, and our goal is to allay any fears or anxiety you may have by providing a professional and stress-free dentist experience.

Call 832-437-6477 to schedule your appointment today!

Lovett Dental provides a wide selection of dental services in Katy. From orthodontic services including Invisilign™ and braces to tooth removal and endodontics, we have your entire family covered. We accept a myriad of insurance options including Medicaid as well as dental payment plans for any budget.

We offer:

Office Hours

  1. Mon-Thu 8am-6pm
  2. Sat Upon Request


  • Office: 832-437-6477


Specialty Services
Digital Radiography

General Dentistry
Crown and bridge work
Advanced oral surgery
Screening for oral Cancer
Tooth Extractions
Treatment of gum disease

Dental Services
Broken Dentures
Denture Replacement
Denture Money Guarantee