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Louetta at Hwy 249

North Houston Dentist

At Lovett Dental, our attentive staff works to ensure your family is provided the best dental care in Houston. Our promise is to keep you and your family comfortable throughout your entire visit. Our Louetta Rd. office is located off Tomball Pkwy and accessible to families living throughout Northwest Houston.

Our staff consists of general dentists, pediatric specialists, orthodontics and more. You won’t find a more complete collection of specialists at any other Houston dentist offices. We understand that the dentist office is often a scary place for children, so we pride ourselves on creating a fun, family dental care atmosphere.

Visit our office in Louette, where Dr. Sepi Carvounis and her staff provide a pleasant experience for the whole family. Each of our 20+ offices in Houston, Beaumont, and across Texas provide a suite of dental services for your convenience. If someone in your family experiences dental anxiety, our online resources provide helpful suggestions on how to have a peaceful time at our dentist office. Each of our dentists are happy to work with anyone feeling dental anxiety or phobia to get them the dental care they need.  

We accept most dental insurance plans and offers dental payment plans to accommodate your family.

Call  today and schedule an appointment with our North Houston dentist office 832-843-6776  or schedule an appointment online.

Office Hours

  1. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
  2. Sat 9am-5pm


  • Office: 832-843-6776


Specialty Services
Digital Radiography

General Dentistry
Crown and bridge work
Advanced oral surgery
Screening for oral Cancer
Tooth Extractions
Treatment of gum disease

Dental Services
Broken Dentures
Denture Replacement
Denture Money Guarantee

Dentists at this Office

Our dentist are here to help bring out your smile.