At Lovett Dental, we offer you a wide range of general, cosmetic, and specialty care services all in one place. With many offices in the Greater Houston Area, Beaumont, and Corpus Christi you’re never far from the perfect smile.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Lovett Dental provides our patients with everything they need in a dentist in Houston. Each office is staffed with general dentists who take care of you and your family’s checkups, cleanings and general dentistry. Plus, our in-house specialists at each of our locations can take care of all of your dental needs from oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, pediatric children’s care and braces — even a complete smile makeover. And that’s what makes Lovett Dental a great choice. 

Cosmetic dentistry is an art form. It requires skill, precision, and an aesthetic eye. Don’t trust just anyone with your smile. For those patients looking for more than a regular checkup, it’s vital that you’re in the best hands possible. Lovett’s dentists in Houston, Beaumont, and Corpus Christi practice a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures for our patients.

Dentistry is more than just fillings; new technology makes it possible to correct a wide variety of permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile.

Lovett can give you a smile that’ll make you, well, smile. New cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures make it easier than ever for you to have a beautiful smile, so don’t hesitate any longer.

Schedule an appointment to see how Lovett can change your life.

Teeth Whitening

Are you searching for professional teeth whitening in Houston? This safe and inexpensive procedure can be worked into most existing appointments at Lovett Dental. Simply request whitening as you are finalizing your appointment details. Dental bleaching can correct tooth discoloration caused by staining, aging, or other damage.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems. They are created when bacteria erode the dental enamel. To treat a cavity, the bacteria must be cleaned out before the cavity is filled. In the past, dental cavities were filled with a material called amalgam, which is a mixture of different metals such as silver or mercury. Now, we know that amalgam fillings do not bond with the teeth well and that mercury could be dangerous to your health.

At Lovett Dental, we focus on providing our patients with best-in-care solutions to meet their dental needs and giving patients a beautiful smile. For this reason, we provide tooth-colored fillings for the treatment of dental cavities. These advanced dental restorations are made from a composite resin and used to fill cavities while blending with your natural teeth to match your beautiful smile. Our skilled cosmetic dentist is committed to treating your family with superior care and tooth-colored fillings for the treatment of dental cavities.


Dental amalgam is a silver material that has been used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay for more than 100 years and millions of patients.  Amalgam fillings, which contain a mixture of metals including mercury, copper, silver, and tin, were the only option available to fill and restore a tooth that had a cavity. Unlike composite fillings, when someone opens their mouth wide to laugh, smile and talk, these silver fillings are very noticeable. While many people still have silver fillings, our skilled cosmetic dentists use tooth-colored fillings to save the structure of the tooth and match the natural color of your teeth for the most beautiful smile.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’re looking for a custom-made smile through cosmetic dentistry in South Texas, veneers can immediately give you a beautiful smile. Our experienced cosmetic dentists apply thin, ceramic shells that bond to the front of your teeth to create a smile uniquely yours! This finely customized procedure requires great skill and is designed to enhance the quality of your smile. Veneers are virtually undetectable and will instantly brighten your smile. Learn more about porcelain veneers, or if you’re ready to find new confidence in your smile with veneers, make an appointment today.

Dental Bonding & Contouring

Dental bonding is a procedure where a plastic resin is applied to a tooth to repair chipped or decayed teeth. Bonding is used as an alternative to veneers in some cases. Bonding can be used to improve your smile with your natural teeth by closing the space between teeth or making teeth look longer. Unlike veneers, dental bonding can improve your smile in just a single office visit, so schedule an appointment now.

Dental Crowns

The days of metal fillings and crowns have long since passed. If you still have an old metal filling or crown, it may be time to replace it with a porcelain crown. Crowns can be used as a solution to many dental problems including disease and accidental damage to a tooth. Newer porcelain crowns are durable alternatives to older metal fillings and can last 20-30 years. Crowns are placed over the tooth and are designed to look like a natural tooth. At the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist in Houston, a porcelain crown will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

If your teeth have slowly been worn down with the wear and tear of everyday life, you can rest easy because, at Lovett Dental, you can restore your smile with a dental bridge. Many people lose a tooth (or teeth) and a dental bridge allows them to complete their smile again. Bridges can be permanently attached or removable, depending on your unique smile. As with all of our procedures, at Lovett Dental, each of our locations is fully equipped to perform both cosmetic and general dentistry procedures in Houston and the surrounding areas. Don’t let a missing tooth keep you from smiling, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at Lovett Dental and restore your smile and your confidence.

Inlays & Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are similar to fillings and consist of a substance (traditionally gold, but increasingly made with porcelain) which is bonded to a damaged area of your tooth. While an inlay is used on the tooth cusp, an onlay is a larger reconstruction that encompasses the cusp of the tooth. Both inlays and onlays require two appointments, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Dental Sealants

As we age, our teeth naturally begin to wear down. This is especially the surface of our rear molars. To keep your teeth protected from this natural wear, Lovett’s Houston dentists can use a simple dental procedure called dental sealant. A dental sealant is a tooth-colored plastic or acrylic material that is placed over the surface of the tooth, typically a permanent molar. The sealant is designed to fill pits or cracks in the surface of the tooth, sealing them from further tooth decay. Lovett can perform this cosmetic procedure at any of our Texas dentist offices, so if you’re ready to protect your smile, schedule an appointment with any of our offices.

Tooth Extractions

In situations of severe tooth decay, disease, or impaction, tooth extraction may become necessary. At Lovett Dental, we do our best to ensure a pain-free experience for all of our patients. Our dentists will work with you to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible through local anesthetics and other sedation techniques. If you suffer from dental phobias, talk with our dentists to find ways to ease your anxieties.


One inevitable truth that we all must face at some point in our lives is that our teeth are imperfect. Even with the best of care, there may come a time when we must turn to dentures to replace our natural teeth. The dentists at Lovett provide several denture options to patients. Dentures can be designed in two separate ways: conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are made 8-12 weeks after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has begun to heal, while immediate dentures are made in advance and the gum tissue heals under the dentures. To talk to one of our experienced dentists about which option is right for you, simply find the nearest Lovett Dental office and make an appointment.